End the struggle with the juggle

Are you exhausted and want to be exuberant everyday? We can help move the needle.

Learn simple methods to manage stress better, live your passion louder,

and discover your real purpose with energy & enthusiasm!

  • Feel like you’re running a circus?
  • Want more out of life?
  • Need a permission slip?
  • Want peace for just a moment?
  • Re-set your compass?


Access your inner GPS to gain immediate life navigation skills to make choices to change your life for the better.

Seasons change, and so will this one. Start your journey on a new season of change by gaining new resources to help yourself long term. The truth is you have the choice to live your passions, toward your life’s purpose, and achieve peace! Create more joy in your everyday life now - life is too short - don’t wait! Our mindful techniques to calm the chaos allows women to be more present today and choose to live the life they want.

How are we going to do this?

We will do assessments to determine your values, strengths and become more self aware. I achieved these results in my life, past the pain and into pleasurable living again. Now my life’s purpose is to help others in the same shoes before they crash and burn like I did. I’m going to walk you through this in small easily digestible pieces, with plenty of time for you to self reflect and identify your gaps between your current reality and where you really want to be. Then we will map out how to get there by working backwards from our desired goals through my step-by-step method.


I've been there, bought the t-shirt and burned it!

My name is Christie and I am a former corporate executive burnout - transformed into a Wellness and Life Optimization Coach. My programs are uniquely designed to support working women by simplifying self care, stress reduction, and mindfulness to leverage the power of positive mindset.

I help high achieving women hop off the self-destructive hamster wheel to find their success in life, energy and work balance - because I want to help you skip the breakdown and jump to breakthrough. My Life Navigation series of group and online programs show clients how to flip stress with an empowered perspective and several simplified resources that make it easier to adopt to a healthier lifestyle so you can leverage happiness to feel more confident, connected, and resilient.


Make stress work for you. Achieve life/work balance.

Alleviate anxiety with mindfulness. Live on purpose.

The Stress Solver for More Purposeful Living Will Help You...

Overcome the conditioning and negative patterns picked up early in life

●Discover what you are made of through exploring your passions and interests

●Capitalize on your strengths, talents, and skills and how to use your gifts to make a difference

●Explore insights from understanding ways you can choose to change your life's compass with science-based evidence

●Find meaning within your life, de-stressing, re-prioritizing and being courageous to evolve to new happier you

●Eliminate limiting belief systems and empower yourself to take your power back

Full program includes:

7-Day Happiness Guarantee

And to really make it easy for you to move forward with this, I’m offering an incredible 100% risk-free guarantee.



The online course is self-paced and yours forever. Filled with tools including the Stress Solver, the Peaceful Pause andwalk away with a Vision Board and weekly energy management planner. You can re-set your life and find your compass in a matter of thoughtful hours.